Democracy, at home and abroad.


In 2014, the Turkish Policy Center contacted Katie Simon Consulting with a challenge: Get Out The Vote in Turkey's 2015 general elections, targeting Turkish citizens residing and voting in the United States. 

Translation: In 2014, only 12% of Turks in the U.S. voted. Did you?

The problem: Historically low turnout, coupled with a legacy of government-created voter suppression tactics, and a lack of organizing history around elections of this type.

In response to this challenge, KSC crafted and directed a multi-faceted, culturally engaged, voter education and turnout campaign touching all 50 states and half a dozen countries worldwide. The #VoteTürkiye campaign leveraged strategic partnerships with allied organizations within the United States and around the world, and coordinating distribution of critical information to empower Turkish citizens to participate in their election.

The outcome: Turkish voter turnout in the United States doubled in volume, with thousands more voting than had in previous years.

For more information, visit #VoteTuürkiye online.


KSC led a newly-created coalition to work strategically with hundreds of Turkish affinity and cultural organizations nationwide. This coalition was directed to conduct community-driven outreach and information dissemination, using established stakeholders as messengers in promoting #VoteTürkiye materials and underlining the overall importance of the project.

Through the effective use of grassroots strategy, KSC's plan helped to lift up the client as a leader and convener in their field, increasing the relatively new organization's legitimacy and laying the groundwork for greater collaboration going forward.

Translation: In 2014, only 12% of Turks in the U.S. voted. Did you? Raise your voice.


KSC provided extensive media support, including:

  • Creating one-pagers to inform the public about the project and provide key voting information
  • Identifying effective messaging, tailored to be responsive to the culturally specific audience in question
  • Generating and publishing social media properties to promote #VoteTurkiye online and encourage ease of participation
  • Crafting press releases and preparing comments on the record